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General Body Meeting and Get Together

posted Sep 19, 2012, 11:09 PM by OBM Admin   [ updated Sep 20, 2012, 2:42 AM ]

As communicated our General Body Meeting was held on Sep 16th, 2012 in OBM premises. We also had a grand get together on Sep 15th evening with entertainment provided by the Cochin 7 - Rasika Raja No. 1 Fame team. We thank all of you who took time to participate in these events and making these a great success.

The following major decisions were taken by the General Body. 

  1. Fixed Maintenance Charges increased from Rs 1.2 per sft to Rs 1.3 per sft from Oct 2012. Please refer to the "Accounts Statement - Jan to Aug 2012.pdf" attached along with the e-mail sent to all owners for the rationale for increase and the change in components of fixed and variable charges. (It is also available at https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxSyi7sCwM9xZldLRkk3VTZkVUk)

  2. Central Services for flats, which fail to pay the variable charges within 30 days of publishing the charges, to be cut off. Re-connection charges as per our bye-laws will apply. 

  3. The General Body approved the collection of late payment fee of Rs. 250 per month for the defaulters of OWC Charges 

  4. Restriction on number of people in rented flat 
    • Maximum 6 people in 3 bed room flats and 4 people in 2 bed room flats. 
    • All flats which have been rented out to more number people will have comply to this limit by the end of Dec, 2012 

  5. Tenant details should be provided to association 
    • Owners of flats which have been rented out have to update the details online as already requested without further delay 
    • All tenants to submit completed copy of Tenant Details form along with photograph and photo id proof by Sep 30, 2012 
    • Tenants who do not submit this form by this deadline will have to vacate our premise 
    • Notice regarding this requirement will be published in the notice board 

  6. Concern was raised regarding some bachelors on rent not following etiquettes to ensure peaceful living in a gated community.

  7. The following was decided:
    • Owners renting out flats should educate the tenants on the importance of maintaining the etiquettes 
    • Observe the situation till the end of this year 
    • If no improvement is observed, Managing Committee is authorized to make appropriate decisions including restrictions in renting flats to bachelors 
    • Also explore tighter security measures like tracking friends from outside staying without permission beyond time limits

  8. The General Body approved the settlement arrived with Oceanus The General Body elected a new Managing Committee (MC) with Office Bearers for a term of one year. The new MC will take charge with immediate effect.

    The members of the new MC are:

Name Flat No
1. Ajith Abraham George (President) A-401
2. Chandrahasan K S (Vice President) A-102
3. Raghunandan Menon (Secretary) A-802
4. Renjith Yohannan (Joint Secretary) A-702
5. Kiran Kumar P (Treasurer) B-302
6. Lini Rose Chacho A-402
7. Sarath Chandran B-G02
8. Sasidharan P K A-602
9. Srinivasan R B-802
10. Vinod Sankar A-1403